Like painter Alexandra Tanais said about himself and her works in 2009, with her open solo art Exhibition with name art-project: We are woven out of light.

Before this her got two higher education in universities Odessa National University them. Mechnikov, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. One of which Astrophysics and specialty design and art.

Alexandra seeks in many of her works and projects embody the cosmic beauty of the Universe. It is present as in the fashion works well and art works.

In 2009, was founded the fashion brand Alexandra Tanais, and opened the first design studio.

Art and design developed in parallel. And they are very supportive of each other.

And it is for Alexandra inseparable, as the idea of nominal prints fabric, the artist uses a collection of brand Alexander Tanais.

[Sense of creating my paintings], not only in their timeless beauty, but also in the fact that they tell.

I figure not just certain images, and links between them, the connection of the ground and overhead.

The most basic idea in my art work, enclosed in an art project [we are woven out of light], the value of which is that we are human like angels, soul and body which, woven out of light - from the energy of stars and galaxies.

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